Yard or graveyard? Town council’s new urban farm plots leave residents perplexed

Posted on the Urban Farmers (Singapore) group page, a member shared a photo of their community farm that the town council built below the HDB block.

At first glance, I have to say that I agree with them. The tombstone layout seems not only wildly inappropriate but also quite a waste of farmable space. The concrete platform claims so much space that really could have been used to provided more or even bigger farming plots for residents.

Though the intention is commendable, I think the person behind this urban farm design should have done a little more research on the best way to divvy up community farming plots. Wouldn’t a short fence be more convenient and take up less space?

One user commented that it seems like this was just too much effort in the first place, which makes sense. Why spend all that time and manpower to pour so much cement when you can just use recycle old tired or wooden fencing as dividers instead?

Judging on the comments to the post, the public seems to echo the sentiment that this urban farm looks more like a cemetery than a garden. One user commented with “Maybe that’s their plan B for efficient use of land” while another jokingly commented with “so they shifted the cemetery nearer to us” – which is both funny and pragmatic.

Still, others were a little more optimistic, noting that they have similar farming plots near their homes and it would look really pretty once the plants start growing. Another commented that this could be the cheapest and most practical solution and that it’s better to have something rather than nothing. And still others are pleased that the town council is putting in the effort to cultivate the gardening habit among residents.

When all is said and done, the town council does seem to have their heart in the right place but could definitely do with a better landscape designer. Even a quick search only will show you more creative, eco-friendly, space saving alternatives to divvying up farming plots in a community garden.

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