A train disruption occurred on Thursday (19 Jul) evening around 11pm along the Circle Line (CCL), caused by a signal fault.

SMRT posted an official tweet on the delay at 12:03am, informing that train services along the CCL will be operated slower than normal; free regular bus services were available:

A passenger also tweeted about the delay at 11:11pm:

Of the evening delay a few information were also posted on TATA SMRT Facebook platform:

Wayne Chew at 11:08pm wrote: “Please take note of a signalling fault that is affected the whole CCL. Free regular bus available.”

Anthony Kiong, also at 11:08pm, wrote: “[CCL]: Due to signalling fault, train services along the Circle Line will be operate slower than normal. Free regular bus services are available across the Circle Line.”

Another brief delay had also happened in the morning on Thursday along the East West Line; which MRT station is planned to have early closure and late opening along with North-South Lines, in August and September 2018.

There was also not much information from commuters on this morning delay which was due to unknown problem, and without official information from SMRT.

John Robert Lee made a post about the morning delay on the same Facebook platform:

John Robert Lee shared a post from MRT Singapore Service Information at 7:43am; he wrote: “Unknown problem on EWL towards Tuas link got problem, caused delays. My Friend told me he waited 12 mins for a Tuas train to pull into Jurong East.”

And a passenger has tweeted her displeasure on the morning delay:


At 00:36am Friday SMRT posted another tweet, informing free regular bus services were still available across the Circle Line until the end of service:

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