A Straits Times article, “No let-up in online criticism of uncontested election” by Tham Yuen-C. an assistant Political Editor wrote on the online criticism of uncontested Presidential Election which saw Mdm Halimah Yacob, the sole candidate who received the Certificate of Eligibility, to be declared as the 8th President of Singapore.

It states,

“But the run-up to yesterday was still bruising, with some Singaporeans using hashtags like #notmypresident and #hardlymahpresident – a pun on her name – to protest against not being able to vote.

Asked by reporters yesterday if she was ever demoralised during the process, she said that years of public service had taught her to focus on her goals and objectives – the most important being to improve the lives of people.”

Tham wrote that the uncontested election sparked criticism from “some” Singaporeans, who took to social media to express their disappointment. Noting many online critics were not upset with Madam Halimah, but were unhappy with the state of affairs.

In one of the many comments at ST’s Facebook post which noted the citizens’ displeasure over the rigged election, one commenter, Fern Bay wrote:

Halimah Yacob is to become the 8th president of Singapore.
Detractors refuse to celebrate her victory,insisting that she is Indian Muslim and not ‘Malay’ ,making her ineligible for the race. However the lines are blurred between what exactly makes one “Malay” as Singapore prides herself on racial harmony and many couples intermarriage resulting in children that do not quite fit into a certain race.

Thousands of voters who are eligible to vote this year felt alienated by the presidential elections. They feel played and their first vote useless as Halimah was the only candidate for the race,making her the president.

However I am not talking about race when it comes to why I do not support Halimah Yacob as president. It doesn’t matter what good deed she has done in the past but rather about the present and future. A person can change very quickly as history proves so it cannot be used as a positive point. It is about the honesty and pride about who she really is and her beginnings.

We can only trust in her current actions and what she could possible do in the future.

However,Halimah has not exactly proven herself to be honest nor has she exactly lie either.

She has instead ignored the issues brought up by her detractors and refuse to give answers to them.

Her attitude during the elections leaves a lot to desire and no one has come out to fully support the reserved elections besides the People’s Action Party.

I am one of the the many people ashamed of how the Presidential elections have gone down.If Halimah really wanted to prove herself eligible, she would be open to competing against others but she chooses be the only candidate.

It was indeed a cowardly move on her part and shows that she will be unable to stand up to issues important to fellow Singaporeans.

If we go by her actions during the elections, she is currently not honest,truthful and a coward so how can she prove to the people of Singapore that she can be a good president.

Impossible task ahead and will not support her.

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