by Ismail Kassim

As a person, I can think of a hundred nice things to say about Mdm Halimah Yacob.

Hers is an inspiring story of how will and determination can overcome all obstacles and hardships.

But as a People’s Action Party (PAP) -sponsored candidate for the coming Elected Presidential (Reserved only for Malays) contest, I try but can’t think of any.

The same goes for the other two PAP-inspired male supporting actors in this political charade scripted by a puppet master.

As successful businessmen in a tough Chinese-dominated environment, they have proven their mettle. I have also much admiration for them.

By becoming willing partners in this closed and divisive EP race, I have nothing good to say about their participation.

All 3 have to lie through their teeth to maintain the meritocracy and multi-racialism facade of what is essentially a flawed EP contest.

In his prime, our revered departed leader said:

“Never tinker with a system that works for political advantage, because once you start, you will never stop.”

But decades later – in an attempt to prolong his own legacy – he forgot all about his advice to the leaders from the developing world.

The result is a divided and highly agitated Sinkapoor, preoccupied with racial issues, nursing old and new grievances and questioning the legitimacy of the present leaders.

Now we know, human nature cannot change. Unfettered power will sooner or later corrupt even the most incorruptible of leaders.

This post was first published on Mr Kassim’s Facebook page and reproduced with permission. Mr Kassim is a retired senior political correspondent from Straits Times.

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