Mr Tan Chuan Jin in Parliament

The Prime Minister’s Office has announced on Tuesday late afternoon that Mr Tan Chuan-Jin will be nominated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to take over the position of the Speaker of Parliament when Parliament next sits on 11 Sept 2017.

The position of Speaker was left vacant when Mdm Halimah Yacob resigned from her MP seat and appointment of Speaker on 7 Aug to stand as candidate for the upcoming Presidential Election.

According to the PMO, PM Lee has briefed the Members of Parliament from the People’s Action Party and received their full support.

As the Speaker cannot be elected from members who are office holders, Mr Tan will resign as the Minister for Social and Family Development.

In that connection, Mr Desmond Lee will be appointed Minister for Social and Family Development to replace Mr Tan’s former appointment. Mr Desmond Lee will continue as Second Minister in the Ministry of National Development, but will relinquish his appointments in the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Mrs Josephine Teo will be appointed as Second Minister in the Ministry of Home Affairs, and will relinquish her appointment in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She will continue as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister in the Ministry of Manpower.

All changes to the change of cabinet will take effect from 11 September 2017.

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