Property at 38 Oxley Road (photo - Google Maps)

Vital questions that should not get lost in the Lee family saga

by Ghui

Official responses, statements, Facebook posts are emerging fast and furious after the emergence of the Lee family dispute. They are rushing out at such breakneck speed that it is becoming hard to keep up with who said what and when.

Two themes have become apparent however that should not get lost in this dramatic saga:

  1. Why is a ministerial committee necessary in the private residence of a past leader?
  2. What are the steps required in the utilisation of what state organs to perform what functions (emphasis on the word “what” intended).

Starting with the first question of why there is a ministerial committee in the first place.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean (DPM Teo) has issued a statement to say that there was nothing “secret” about the committee that was formed to consider options for 38 Oxley Road (the Oxley Property).

Secret or not, the key question has still not been answered! Why was this committee convened from the outset?

The Oxley Property was Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s (LKY) private residence and has absolutely nothing to do with the government. In fact, he had a will which sets out his wishes.

Why are the ministers even considering options for a private property? If there are issues with the validity of the will, this is a matter for the Lees to either take court action or deal with it amongst themselves. Why are the ministers inserting themselves in a private family matter over privately held property? This is not the remit of the government nor is it what they are paid to do!

Given that ministerial salaries are funded by tax monies, I am sure that many Singaporeans would like an explanation as to why the ministers are involving themselves in a private dispute over private property?  This is not the remit of the government nor what ministers are paid to do!