Lee family’s dispute has nothing to do with Singaporeans

Below is a letter that is circulating in social media, asking for Singaporeans to consider the Lee family saga as a family feud.

Dear Lee Siblings

Singapore woke up to the public fight between all 3++ of you. Now dysfunctional families are common. So are fights between siblings. These are usually amplified after the last parent passes away. Most of us keep it in within families; occasionally when it involves money, it ends up in court. Now, family fights are usually none of anybody’s business except the family members involve – and it’s usually complicated and complex and there are sides which relatives take, and outsiders don’t because it’s none of our business.

Except now you’ve made it every Singaporean’s business by taking it public and airing your grievances in such a manner. This is now no longer a private matter, not just a Lee Family matter; it’s not even a public spectacular – more importantly it has now become a Singapore and Singaporean matter.

Singapore does not belong to the Lees. Even though Singapore was Lee Kuan Yew’s love and his legacy, and Singapore is defined by him, it still does not make Singapore his or his family’s.

By dragging this into the public arena in such a manner, you are dragging Singaporeans not just into it by taking sides, but you are dragging Singapore down at time when we can ill-afford it. China, terrorism, state of the economy, leadership problems – Singapore is facing numerous issues which needs urgent attention. We cannot afford to lose investors confidence or a stock market crash.

So fight if you must, it’s your family’s prerogative – but you are now dragging Singaporeans into it, plus dragging Singapore’s reputation and Lee Kuan Yew, our past Prime Minister; not just your father; into this whole public fracas.

It will affect Singapore – not just your family. While concerns in the letter are possibly valid, this public avenue does not benefit anyone and will affect Singapore most. Your father put Singapore first and foremost above everything – you might like to do the same.

A Patriotic Singaporean