Army Daze is back for its long awaited sequel, celebrating its 30th anniversary

Army Daze is back for its long awaited sequel, celebrating its 30th anniversary

Singapore’s best-loved comedy turns 30 this year with Army Daze 2, an all-new comedy that catches up with Malcolm Png three decades later. The mummy’s boy in the original comedy is now an SAF regular, serving as Director of Public Affairs and when his son Justin enters national service, it brings back vivid memories of his own experience.

Back in 1985, when I first wrote the Army Daze book, I had no idea it would do so well. It was the same two years later when I wrote the play, which has since enjoyed six different stagings and theatre runs, playing to sell-out audiences. I’m very glad it connected with Singaporeans and I’m thankful for all the support given to Army Daze through the years.” Michael Chiang, Playwright.

It’s true that Singaporeans connect with Michael Chiang’s Army Daze story in a very special way. From topping the best-seller lists, full-house theatre productions to becoming one of the biggest local films at the box-office, Army Daze is probably the single most successful cross-platform story in Singapore’s arts and entertainment scene. Close to 300,000 people have seen the Army Daze theatre production and movie at the cinemas in Singapore alone.
So what can be expected from this overdue sequel and what will happen to Malcolm’s buds from Hotel Company, 1987?
Teo Ah Beng is now an entrepreneur, while Johari Salleh runs a fast-food chain serving ayam penyet. Style-meister Kenny Pereira has become a sought-after interior designer, and former slacker Krishnamoorthi is now a successful architect.
The five meet up after three decades for an unforgettable get-together, filled with hilarious surprises. And even after 30 years, the spectre of CPL Ong continues to haunt them, appearing at (disturbingly) regular intervals of the story.

“There’s a progressive arts scene here in Singapore. So, for any production to have the staying power of 30 years, it’s never accidental. The audience even remembers the characters and their lines! It’s emotional. Personally, Army Daze is like sitting down with an old friend. Full of laughs and happy moments. I seriously can’t wait for Army Daze 2!” Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Director.

Running parallel with Malcolm’s story are the adventures of his son Justin and his BMT mates Donovan, Zai and Kuan Yew. Adding spark is Renee, the spunky girl they all wanna call their own.
While Malcolm and friends confront mid-life crises, son Justin and gang cope with romantic confusions – what would life be without mayhem, melodrama and music?

“Looking back, what makes me really proud of Army Daze is not so much how far it has come, but how people have embraced it as their own. It’s really Singapore’s Army Daze. With National Service celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, it just makes the sequel even more meaningful for me.” Michael Chiang, Playwright.

Featuring a brand new script by playwright Michael Chiang, Army Daze 2 will be directed by Beatrice Chia-Richmond and showcase original songs by Don Richmond. All three worked on the 25th anniversary production of Army Daze (2012, 2013).
Army Daze 2 features a stellar line-up of Singapore’s best actors – Hossan Leong, Ebi Shankara, Joshua Lim, Shane Mardjuki, Chua Enlai, Audrey Luo, Jo Tan, Saiful Amri and Oon Shu An. Also in the cast are hot new talents Andre Chong, Tahir Ansari, Irsyad Dawood and Tay Hwan Haw. The show also marks the theatre debut of 16-year-old singing sensation Natalie Ong (X Factor, Australia).
Show Details
Date: 4 to 20 August 2017
Venue: Drama Centre, 100 Victoria St, #05-01, National Library, Singapore 188064
Ticketing Details
Sales starts 8th May at SISTIC
Hotline: 6348 5555
Tue to Fri – 8pm
Sat – 
Sun – 3pm

 Early Bird Discounts
8 May to 31 May 2017 – 20% for Cat 1 & 15% for Cat 2
For schools and group bookings, please email to [email protected]

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