Source: Wikimedia.

Delay along North South Line on Thursday morning due to train signalling fault

This morning during rush hour, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) announced that its North-South Line (NSL) from Ang Mo Kio to Marina South Pier was experiencing delays due to a train signalling fault. Commuters were asked to add 25 minutes of travelling time.

The delay happened from 7.47am to 8.11am.

It then tweeted that free regular bus service was available between Newton and Marina South Pier.

An hour later, delay was decreased to 10 minutes.

SMRT then said that the signalling fault has been cleared and the trains were progressively returning to normal speed.

Earlier on 18 April 2017, SMRT’s vice-president for corporate information and communications Patrick Nathan was quoted to have said, “In the new signalling system that is currently being tested, the ageing track circuits will be replaced with a more advanced system that is more reliable as it is built with multiple redundancies for greater reliability,” Mr Nathan added.

“After we renew the signalling system, faulty track circuits will no longer cause prolonged delays for commuters.”

Tweets from social media include commuters asking SMRT to inform them of the delays.

Other than complaints on NSL, commuters also voiced out on delays along the East West Line. Nothing that time between trains was about 7 minutes during peak hour and that trains are stopping two minutes at each station.