All the McDonald’s promotions in Singapore this 2017

By SingSaver 

We don’t get why McDonald’s gets all the hate. Sure, that one guy in 2004 force-fed himself McDonald’s until he was flirting with liver damage, but c’mon, who in their right mind eats anything like that? With a variety of tasty burgers and seasonal specials, McDonald’s is a perfectly respectable choice for satisfying the midnight munchies. As with all things in our wonderful modern world, indulge responsibly and you’ll never have to feel guilty. Use these latest McDonald’s promotions to save money the next time you cave in to your cravings:

Jumbo Choco Cone with Kit Kat

Jonesing for a cold chocolatey treat? McDonald’s has got you covered. Available now is the Jumbo Choco Cone – a chocolate waffle cone filled with soft serve ice cream, topped with choc fudge and a Kit Kat bar. At just S$3.50 each, this is an affordable and delicious treat. It’s available while stocks last, so get yours today at your nearest McDonald’s. (Allergen warning: May contain traces of peanut and tree nuts.)

Toffee Nut Latte and Crunchy Toffee Nut Frappe – Until 12 April, or While Stocks Last

Yes, they’re back by popular demand! McCafe’s Toffee Nut Latte and Crunchy Toffee Nut Frappe – delicious combinations of espresso, milk and toffee nut syrup that come in comfortingly hot or refreshingly ice-blended varieties. Well worth the extra half-hour at the gym. *wink wink*. Because all good things never last, these special drinks are available only until 12 April – or until stocks run out. So hurry and grab yours today.

Grab-and-go Breakfast starting from S$3

If you’re not exactly enamoured of the McMuffin anymore, give McDonald’s breakfast wraps a try. You can take your pick of chicken ham, chicken sausage, or try the new flavour chicken bacon with spinach. The wraps come with scrambled egg and cheese, but our favourite part is that they also include the hash brown inside the wrap. Just like that, you have a breakfast you can scarf on the go or at your desk. McDonalds’ wraps come with hot coffee or tea, but if you want something a little extra, you can always trade up for a latte, cappuccino, iced Milo or orange juice.

Extra Value Meal at S$5

With the incessant onslaught of seasonal specials and the atas Signature collection, it’s easy to lose sight of McDonald’s as a wallet-friendly option. Look in the Extra Value Meal menu for a S$5 meal, which consists of either a McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, or the vegetarian-friendly newcomer Veggie Crunch Burger. Included in the price is a small Coke and medium fries, making for a meal light on both calories and the wallet.

McDonald’s Credit Card Promotions in Singapore

If you have an OCBC credit card, you can get free delivery when you order McDelivery. Go to the website or app and key in your order as usual, and you’ll be prompted to enter the first 6 digits of your OCBC credit card at checkout. Enter the code and enjoy a waiver of the delivery fees (worth S$4) on your total order. We recommend using the OCBC FRANK Credit Card to maximise your savings. You can earn 6% cashback on your McDelivery spend, provided you’ve already spent S$400 on offline transactions for the month. Prefer a different credit card? Use to compare dining credit cards and save money on your next McDonald’s takeaway.

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