Lady caught on video, hitting shop employees repeatedly while shouting racist remarks

Lady caught on video, hitting shop employees repeatedly while shouting racist remarks

A video, depicting a lady repeatedly hitting two shop employees, is going viral on the social media.  More than 40 thousand shares and 8000 comments have been posted on the video.
In the video which was taken by a passer-by, a lady kept repeating that she is being hit in the neighbourhood while continuously hitting the staff at full force. It is unknown if the lady is a customer of the shop.

Commenters in the video have pointed that the location of the incident is at Tiong Bahru Plaza.
At the start of the video, the lady proceeds to hit both employees in what seems to be a spectacle shop and exclaims, “I am done with the Chinese girls. They keep kicking me around in this neighbourhood.”
She shouted, “Go and find for me, my bracelet. Bloody idiot these Chinese girls.”
When the Cisco security guard arrives, the lady goes on to rant, “You bloody Chinese girls in this neighbourhood.”
And when the staff in the shop said that they will call the police, she retorted, “Call, go and call the police! ”
When another member of public stepped in and asked her to calm down. She raised her hand and wanted to strike him.
The lady kept trying to move in and strike the staff and was stopped by the member of public and the security guard. She goes on to shout, “Ask this fucking Chinese girl to stop hitting me in the neighbourhood here, you hear me or not?”
Without any notice, she proceeded to walk past the two who was guarding the staff and continued to assault the staff behind the counter.
At this point, another member of the public stepped up and asked the security guard to stop the lady as it was clearly an act of assault.
In response to the comment that she was assaulting the staff, the lady screamed at the guy who asked for the security to stop her, “What do you mean assaulting?” “You also stop assaulting me”

The lady, the third member of public, three member of public and the security guard who first arrived
The third member of public steps up between the second member of public and the lady as the argument between the two was getting heated up. He also asked the lady to be calm and share what has happened.
The lady claims that her bracelet is missing and asked the people at the scene to get it back. But the lady had been wearing her bracelet at the beginning of the video and apparently dropped it after hitting the staff viciously.
While the staff goes into the stall to help look for the bracelet. the lady steps up to the person taking the video and asked if she is taking a video of her, warning that she will sue the video taker.
When the lady finally sat down. Off the camera were talks of closing shop for the day.
It is said inside the video that the Police was called to the scene.
Update: OWNDAYS, the shop involved in the incident has made a Facebook post on the matter and shared that the incident took place on Monday evening at its branch in Tiong Bahru Plaza.
A female shopper came into its shop to hide from the lady who had become aggressive. Two of its employees attempted to assist the shopper and were assaulted by the aggressive lady.
It stated that its employees had been brave and maintained their professionalism despite repeated assaults by the angry lady and that the company has since received messages of support and concerns from members of the public.

Update: The lady is confirmed to have been arrested by the Police.

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