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NEA responds to rumour of fine issued for tissue paper thrown into used bowl

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has just reacted to the rumour that throwing a tissue into the bowl after you eat in a public eatery could cause you to be fined by NEA.

In its Facebook post on 30 March, at around 4:10pm, NEA said, “NEA is aware of a message circulating online which claims that leaving behind your used tissue in your bowl, plate or cup will lead to a $200 fine from NEA. We would like to clarify that NEA has not been issuing fines for such acts.”

“NEA would however like to remind members of the public to dispose of their rubbish properly after their meals as an act of graciousness towards cleaners and other patrons,” the post advised.

NEA is reacting to the rumours circulating on online media such as Whatsapp. However, it was not mentioned who charged the fine in the first place and further, how the message turned to point NEA as the agency who forced it.

In the Hardware Zone Forum a netizen, Irritatong, wrote on 29 March, at around 11:06pm, “Pls take note.. When you go to coffee shop, hawker centre to have your meals, DO NOT throw your used tissue into bowl, on plate, or cup! My Friend just got fined $200!!!”

A reader wrote to the All Singaporestuff, “I saw this message being circulated around Whatsapp. Is it true that NEA will fine you if throw your tissue paper into the bowls and cups? I don't think this is real right? How can they do this? This is very common practice in Singapore.”

“I think if they want fine people for this, they might as well also fine people who do not return their bowls and cups after finishing their meal,” the reader wrote.

NEA has cleared the issue by its addressing it in a post on its  Facebook page