Source : Beh Chia Lor video screen grab.

Driver reported for hit and run after failing to render assistance to knocked down motorcyclist

A rider fell off his motorcycle when a car knocked into him off at the junction of Jalan Bukit Merah/Alexandra Rd on Monday (20 March) at 8.02am.

The video posted by Beh Chia Lor showed the rider waiting behind a bus at a traffic light. When the light went green, the rider proceeded to overtake the bus from behind the right side of the bus but without checking for incoming traffic.

A grey sedan that was travelling along the lane, knocked into the rider as he switches lane. After the rider landed behind the bus, the driver of the car did not stop to render assistance.

According to BehChia Lor post, the driver of SGR2091X has been reported to the Singapore Police Force as a case of fhit and run.

“Thanks to the gentleman and camcar driver for stopping to render assistance to the injured rider, who was ferried to hospital in an ambulance,” the page wrote.

The page then later updated the situation and wrote that the Traffic Police has been swift to act.

“We are expecting SGR2091X to be parked inside the compound of TP HQ in Ubi Ave 3 before the end of today (20 March). Any photo enthusiasts passing that area, kindly keep a look-out and send us what your eyes see. Thank you,” it wrote.

Some netizens commented on the issue, saying that the driver should just run away. Despite the fact that it was the rider’s fault for not signalling as he overtakes the lane.

Netizens stated that the driver should stop and render assistance.

Eric Cheng wrote, “Driver is at fault for not stopping to render assistance to the rider but the rider also at fault for failing to signal and as well riding in between both lanes. And also when the bus felt the impact, did the driver came down to check?”

Kelvin Ti wrote, “The rider’s fault in the first place. The rider has to blame himself. Cannot blame the car driver.
The car driver was guilty of hit and am run at the second place even it was the rider’s fault in the first place.
It is 2 separate cases now.”

Nor Muhammad wrote, “Unfortunately the car driver didn’t stop to help. Not entirely his fault but the law did state have to stop and help. The law would have been lenient to the driver if he had stopped to assist. Now…”

Kc Ng Palmer wrote, “Both are at fault. Motorcycle: failure to signal and check clear/blind spot before the lane change. Car: failure to stop after an accident. Hit n run (regardless of who is at fault).”

Raj Chand wrote, “No matter what also the driver still have to stop and help the rider without stopping to help the rider the driver is putting herself or himself in trouble that is even worst. One day this may happen to him or her in Malaysia.”