Photo from LAMC Productions

LAMC Productions sets up refund portal for RFID wristband refunds

A website which is operated by LAMC Productions is now ‘live’ and will assist concert-goers in the refunding process for unused credits on their RFID wristbands from the sold-out Guns N’Roses concert held on 25 February.

After the concert, complaints were filed against LAMC for the RFID credits, where audience members bought credits in advance, which were stored in an RFID tag.

Some complained that the credit was not reflected despite paying at the ticketing and many stated that they could not use the pre-paid credits after queing for the food and drinks as the organizers ran out of them.

One of the concert-goers, Rick Allen commented that the RFID system is “brilliant in concept but extraordinarily bad in execution”.

Prior to LAMC’s announcement, SANDPIPER Digital Payments Asia which was a third party vendor supporting LAMC Productions with its equipment and technology for the event, issued a release on their difficulties working with the organizer, and informed the public that its contractual duties have been fulfilled and all claims should be directed to LAMC Productions Pte Ltd only.

The company stated as of 3pm, 14th March 2017, funds collected on behalf of LAMC Productions have been remitted to the organizer as per Sandpiper Digital Payment Asia’s contractual obligations.

All funds collected during the concert on 25th February 2017 belong to the event organizers, and the bulk of these funds were collected by LAMC as cash directly from the top-up stations. Post-event, sales reports were issued to the LAMC Productions on 26th February 2017. It also stated that the full event data and reports have also been furnished to LAMC as of 6 March 2017.

Refund details

The website address that affected concert-goers can go to is as follows:

As the refunds will be credited through PayPal, concert-goers need, if they do not already have a Paypal account, to set one up.

Setting up a Paypal account is free of charge.

A PayPal account can be opened at:

Concert-goers with Paypal accounts ready, seeking RFID wristband credit refunds, should then access the refund portal, and will be guided through the process.

Apart from their personal details for verification purposes, concert-goers will also need to key in the 8 alpha-numeric serial number found on their RFID wristbands.