Twitter account has Trump doodling fun artworks in Oval Office

Twitter account has Trump doodling fun artworks in Oval Office

There is a twitter account called ‘Trump Draws’ that’s going around on the internet, one of the countless Twitter accounts claiming to be Donald Trump’s but aren’t actually run by the United States new president.
All of the posts in the twitter account are GIFs of Trump proudly displaying little drawings he’s made.
For example, here’s a cat:

Here’s a horse:

And a dinosaurus:

And another, a train:

Trump even drew a self-portrait showing a representation of his big hands:

All the gifs are actually made by superimposing images onto a video where Mr Trump shows a signed copy of an executive order to the press for photo taking.
New York Magazine article wrote that the creator of @TrumpDraws, a visual-effects artist in Los Angeles speaking ‘under conditions of anonymity’ said, “After seeing the countless number of videos of Trump signing these executive orders, I thought ‘why not?’ … It’s hard not to take advantage of someone holding up paper, especially our leader of the free world.”
The New York Magazine explained: “In case you’re not familiar, the genre of Famous Person Holding Up Easily Editable Object is something of a internet trope these days.” (See here: Donald Trump wielding a sign on the campaign trail only to have it covered in Arthur fist memes and Harambe.)
All jokes aside, pretending that the US President is doodling little cats and turkeys is a lot more fun than the actual stuff he’s signing these days. Trump had just recently signed an executive order which affects Singapore, among other countries, withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

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