Police arrest driver suspected of being involved in recent hit-and-run along PIE

Police have arrested the driver of the hit-and-run incident on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). In that collision, an unknown car driver hit a motorcyclist without slowing in the early hours of 30 January along PIE (Tuas) near Eng Neo Exit 22.
A 46-year-old Malaysian biker, now identifed as  Mr Hajni Yaacob (46) was riding on the leftmost lane that early morning when a white car, believed to be a Honda Accord, rammed him from behind. A video of the incident, taken by Mr Khairi Jumari, was posted on Beh Chia Lor Facebook.
Mr Hajni expressed his gratitude for being alive from the National University Hospital, he told The Straits Times in Malay yesterday, “I thought I would surely die. It’s a miracle I survived the mishap.”
Mr Hajni and a few friends were returning home to Johor Baru when the incident happened. “All I remembered was waking up in hospital,” said Mr Hajni, who is from Kelantan.
ST reported he would be discharged from hospital in a few days. Yesterday, his face was still swollen and his hands and legs were peppered with bruises and abrasions. Deep gashes on his head and right heel have been stitched.
The fitter for an air-conditioning company in Paya Lebar said, “The driver must be taught a lesson because had there been no witnesses, he would have escaped the law.”
The police have not yet made any statement concerning the arrest of the 51-year-old man suspect.

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