The need to safeguard the integrity of investigation into management of Ang Mo Kio Town Council

The need to safeguard the integrity of investigation into management of Ang Mo Kio Town Council

The Reform Party (RP) expressed its concern over the news that the General Manager and Secretary of Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Town Council, Mr. Victor Wong, has been placed under investigation by the CPIB for alleged corruption since September 2016.
RP stated on its press release on 31 Dec that the Prime Minister is not only responsible for Mr Wong’s actions as his direct employer but also in his capacity as the ultimate head of the civil service, statutory boards and government owned or linked companies.
Reform Party stresses that the PM and his AMK colleagues must not be involved in the investigation in any form. Whilst Mr Wong is being investigated so is by extension, the role of all the AMK MPs.
RP recommends that given the allegations of corruption and the possibility that it extends beyond one individual, Facilities Management Pte Ltd must be suspended from running the AMKTC in the interim as it notes that CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of CPG Corporation and CPG Corporation in turn represents the corporatization of what used to be known as the Public Works Department.
“Reform Party takes this opportunity to remind the people that corporatization has become a favourite tool of the PAP Government and is used to confuse Singaporeans and foreign observers alike of the degree to which the state has control over our economy.” wrote the statement.
The party also poses several questions on the saga:

  • On what date was the PM made aware of the alleged corruption of Victor Wong?
  • If the PM or his GRC colleagues have known since  September or earlier then what explanation can they offer for not informing their residents and the wider public.
  • What other individuals whether from CPG or any other entity are involved in the investigation?
  • When can we expect the outcome of the CPIB investigation to be made known?
  • Are these services being provided on an ‘arms-length’ basis or are CPG providing the services at cost or a discount to PAP Town Councils?

RP further points out that the PAP Government has been using the town councils as a political tool since its introduction, arguing that Opposition MPs need to demonstrate that they were able to run a town council before they could be trusted to run the nation’s affairs. A way to tilt the electoral playing field in its favour and yet another departure from the universally accepted democratic norms of free and fair elections.
This puts the Opposition at a disadvantage because they would not receive the same cooperation from Government ministries, statutory boards and companies as PAP MPs.  Voters would draw the appropriate conclusion that they would be penalised financially if they voted in Opposition MPs.
RP states, “Ironically, if the corruption allegations against the AMKTC general manager are proven then it will be the PM who will have shown himself unfit to manage a Town Council. By his own logic, one who cannot manage a town council cannot be trusted with the nation’s affairs.”
Follow the link here for the full press release from the RP to safeguard the integrity of an investigation into the management of AMKTC.

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