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Additional travelling time on EWL due to track fault

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) tweeted at around 8.30pm that its East-West Line (EWL) from Outram Park station to Eunos station towards Pasir Ris was experiencing a track fault and asked passengers to add 15 minutes of additional travelling time. However, it noted that train service was still available.


Around half an hour after its first tweet, SMRT then said 10 minutes additional travelling time was needed and train service was still available.


Around 15 minutes later it asked passengers to add 5 minutes travelling time from Aljunied to Eunos towards Pasir Ris.

There were not many complaints from commuters online. This was probably because the fault did not take place during rush hour.

However, one of the commuters,  Kai Hendry, wrote, "Does a track fault mean the driver has to start and stop with a jolt?"


This entry was posted in Transport.
This entry was posted in Transport.