Source : The Workers’ Party Facebook page.

Workers’ Party is moving out today (16 December) from its headquarters premises at Syed Alwi Road.

Members of the Party held their last meeting yesterday evening. It said that they held an Extraordinary Organising Members Conference to amend the party constitution to allow them to buy and own a property for a new permanent HQ.

Just last year, WP held a fund-raising event to raise funds for a new party headquarters. It targeted at a figure of $1.5 million, which is meant for making the down payment for its new premise. While pending for its property purchase, the party will not be having a headquarters office.

“There is a sense of nostalgia and renewal as we leave the HQ to write a new chapter. Next year will mark the 60th Anniversary of the WP. We have gone through many trials, but we have only one mind focused on Singapore and one heart set on Singaporeans,” the Party wrote on its Facebook page.

“We owe much to our supporters for all these years of joining WP to walk with Singapore. Thank you donors, who contributed to the building fund, who attended the Bricks in Blue concert, who dropped a dollar or two into our tins for a copy of the Hammer newspaper. We are laying the bricks now and we hope to have good news to share with you soon,” it added.


Executive Council Member and Vice Chair Dennis Tan Lip Fong posted pictures on his Facebook page, saying that the Syed Alwi Road headquarters has served them well through three General Elections and two By-Elections.



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