Motorists get some leeway to use old parking coupons, HDB & URA informed

Motorists get some leeway to use old parking coupons, HDB & URA informed

Motorists who forgot to use new parking coupons and still used the older (and cheaper) ones will be given some leeway, the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) informed on Thursday (8 Dec).

URA and HDB said they were extending flexibility during this initial period for the lack of new coupons, but they could not confirm for how long.

“However, we advise motorists to display the new parking coupons after receiving the advisory notice so that they will not be issued with a parking offense notice subsequently,” they stressed.

The new public parking charges started at the beginning of December, but due to the last-minute rush for new parking coupons stocks have temporarily run out at many petrol stations.

The old coupons, which charge 50 cents cost for half an hour of parking compared to the current 60 cents, are inapplicable at the same time.

Motorists will be given a one-time advisory instead of a summons, URA and HDB said, but stressed this flexibility will be given only once.

Coupon exchanges have been available since mid-October at the URA Center and HDB branches/service centers. New coupons can also be bought from those centers, petrol stations, and Cheers and 7-Eleven stores.

But the sales volume only picked up last week. Cheers said demand surged sharply over the weekend by more than six times.

HDB is imposing a temporary limit on the number of coupon booklets each customer can buy at its branches. Petrol stations are also setting a cap while they work with URA to replenish stocks.

Participating petrol stations listed below will be opened until 31 Jan for exchange of the old coupons.

Source: HDB
Source: HDB

There is no deadline for exchange or refunds on old coupons at URA Centre and HDB branches (except Tampines branch).

REACHSingapore posted this acknowledgement in its Facebook.

Some netizens gave their thoughts on the post:

Loo EH : Seow! What are they going to do with the old coupons? To burn them or send for recycle? Why not just allow the public to buy and use the old coupons? BIG lost for the government is it? Even the bakery shops also know how to give discount to prevent wasted. Useless! Ha ha ha!

CH Beh Since the ERP Car park is per minute rate, why can the 50cents or 1dollar coupon be used for 25minutes and 50minutes respectively?
This could be more environmental friendly and cost effective for both the driver and HDB/URA.

Tan Alan Very bad arrangement. I tried getting the new 60¢ coupon, at 7-11, petrol stations are out of stocks.


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