Crowdfunder for most powerful and legal electric bicycle, designed by a Singaporean

Crowdfunder for most powerful and legal electric bicycle, designed by a Singaporean

By Ghui

As readers of online media, you are no doubt aware of how the advent of Internet has completely revolutionalised the way we live. From the way we get our news, discuss topical issues, shop, keep in touch and work, this medium of communication has enabled our communities to broaden and connect.

Another pro of the online engagement is that it has enabled people to create and innovate not just through the rapid sharing of knowledge and ideas but also through a wider platform for fundraising. Charities have managed to reap the benefits of this development by email newsletters (which cut cost and are more time efficient) and the convenience of online donations.

The creative entrepreneurs in our midst have also managed to harness the power of online connectivity to showcase their talents. One popular trend that has emerged is the concept of crowdsourcing which has been used to raise funds for divergent causes ranging from medical bills to court actions. It has also been used by those who may have a terrific product but with no access to adequate funding to seek out investors.

One such hopeful entrepreneur is Singaporean designer and engineer, Tan Ying Tsao, who has founded Momentum Electric,  a London-based electric bicycle company known for their affordable high-quality electric bikes. (

Momentum Electric has just launched the most powerful legal electric bike, VIT-S on the crowdfunding campaign site, Kickstarter.

The name for the bike, VIT-S, is play on the French word, vitesse, for speed. The S emphasises both speed and the form of the bike. The bike takes its cue from S-Pedelecs making full advantage of the most powerful motor at its disposal but without the hassle associated with S-Pedelec ownership.


The bike is the most powerful electric bike currently available with a maximum output of 700W and 95Nm of torque and still meets EU and US rated power legal requirements of 250W and 350W, meaning that it can be used in Singapore as the regulations by the Land Transport Authority states that the device must comply with European Standard, EN15194, for electric power assisted cycles.

The cycle is also highly efficient with a range of up to 160 km on a single charge.

The Kickstarter campaign will allow Momentum Electric to bring VIT-S into production and in return the backers will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a powerful top-of-the-range electric bike from £2,200 (S$3,972) which will be well below the retail price of £4,000 (S$7,223) when it hits the shops.

Given that Singaporeans are often criticised for not being creative, this would be an opportunity to support a fellow Singaporean and prove the critics wrong!

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