MenstruHeat, a natural heat remedy for menstrual cramps has been officially launched today in 7-Eleven stores, a product that for females that could provide comfort and relief.

PSLove Company, a home-grown company, started by a young and aspiring female entrepreneur with the vision of saving 500 million females worldwide from menstrual cramps, unveiled its newest sale strategy to offer consumers both comfort and convenience 24/7; ladies not only get easy access to the relief that MenstruHeat brings, but their boyfriends and husbands can now get PMS-immunity around the clock.

MenstruHeat is a drug-free alternative to relieving menstrual cramps. It works by providing heat relief without hassle, using a heating mechanism that is relatively uncommon in Southeast Asia, but commonly seen in countries with colder climates.

The non-medicinal MenstruHeat heats up upon contact with air, and lasts about 12 hours – effectively being a portable and discreet hot water bottle without water.

The PSLove company has received many S.O.S enquiries via SMS, Whatsapp, and even calls to the customer service hotline in the middle of the night. According to the company, most of these people were concerned boyfriends and husbands who urgently needed MenstruHeat to help their loved ones.

“Seeing how helpless one can get, especially at wee hours of the night, compelled us to provide 24/7 accessibility to our product.” said Tan Peck Ying, Director of The PSLove Company.

“Menstruation and its discomfort often come at unpredictable times. The launch of MenstruHeat in Singapore’s ‘largest convenience store’ certainly advances the The PSLove Company’s mission of bringing hassle-free comfort and relief to females,” he said.

Before this, MenstruHeat was only available online, in Guardian and other selected retailers, which placed a limitation on its geographical reach and accessibility in time of need.

With it’s launch into 7-Eleven and the accompanying campaign tagline “MenstruHeat is closer than you think”, the company hopes to give females peace of mind even when their cramps hit.

Consumers islandwide can now easily find the nearest selling outlet on MenstruHeat and hop over to pickup a pack of ‘warming comfort & relief.’

Having 7-Eleven as an added distribution channel is perfect to continuously drive towards providing faster and more convenient relief for the increasingly sophisticated female consumer.

“With MenstruHeat launched in 7-Eleven, we can now help females get comfort for their pain, even at odd hours. So whenever you or your loved one is in pain, there’s always a 7-Eleven with MenstruHeat nearby,” said Jane Fok, Category Manager of 7-Eleven.

Stated in Webmd, some women are said to experience pain and cramping at the beginning of their menstruation because of abnormal uterine contractions and a constriction of blood vessels in the myometrium, the smooth muscle coat of the uterus. It’s possible that a heating pad could help to relax the myometrium, reducing constriction of blood vessels and improving blood flow to the uterus.

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