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Indonesia’s counter-terrorism force, Densus 88, has been going on a search for another terrorist in Batam.

The Head of Public Information Bureau  Agus Rianto confirmed through a text message to local news media that another suspect of a terrorist who plotted to attack Marina Bay Sands was arrested in at a shop, “Maxis computer rental” of Fanindo Housing Complex, Batu Aji, Batam, Kepulauan Riau on Saturday (3 September) at 10.45 am local time.

The 24-year-old suspect Leonardo Hutajulu is unemployed. He stayed at his sibling’s house at Carina Blok 41 Kompleks Taman Batu Aji , Batam. According to Batam News, he just came back from his hometown to attend his parent’s funeral. He just got back to the city three days ago.

He was arrested when he was in the internet shop. The owner, Bowo, said to Tribun News that three police cars suddenly parked the cars in front of the place. They just went in and said that they were from the Police Department.

According to the owner of the shop, three officers were uniformed, while two others in plain clothes. The five walked towards the suspect, arrested him, and led him into the police car.

When the suspect was taken by the police, Bowo said that he was curious so he checked on the computer that the suspect had used. He said that the suspect only checked on his own Facebook account and browsed on songs from YouTube. “I wonder why he was being arrested,” Bowo said.

The suspect was said to be one of the members of the Katibah Gigih Rahmat, which was linked with Bahrun Naim.

In a public announcement held on Monday morning (5 September), Brigadier General Sam Budigustian stated that the suspect’s role in KGR was to help to conceal a fugitive, Dony Uigur, and along with the group, he received funding from the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM).

He said that the suspect was training in Batam using airsoft gun in preparation to go to Syria to join ISIS.

On 5 August, six suspected terrorists were arrested at various locations in Batam by Indonesia’s counter-terrorism force, Densus 88.

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