Statement by Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)
We are deeply saddened by the death of Benjamin Lim. We offer our best wishes and condolences to his family and friends at this difficult time. While we cannot ultimately know why this young boy ended his life, the case raises troubling questions about the treatment of minors who come into contact with the criminal justice system.
As a group that works with people who have experienced sexual assault, AWARE is concerned about the rights and welfare of any children who may be involved in sexual assault investigations, whether as complainants, suspects or witnesses.
As a party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Singapore has an obligation in international law to make the best interests of the child a primary consideration in all state dealings with any child. This includes cases where a child is alleged or accused to have committed a criminal offence – a stressful and difficult experience even for the most confident adult.
AWARE welcomes the announcement by SPF that it will review the procedure for police interviews of young people, and urges SPF to draw from international best practice in this area. The Victoria Police in Australia, for instance, can only interview under-18s if a parent, guardian or other support person is present. Moreover, the SPF should be responsible for ensuring that emotional and psychological support is available to all minors (and their carers) who come into contact with the criminal justice system.
Only recently, the Law Society called for accused persons in general to have early access to counsel. This need applies with even more urgency to vulnerable individuals such as minors. Finally, we believe it is extremely important that the police take complaints of sexual assault seriously. But any investigation must take place with due regard for the rights of suspects. Victims of sexual assault want to see fairness and accountability in the criminal process. In many cases, the perpetrators is someone previously known to them.
Victims of sexual assault want to see fairness and accountability in the criminal process. In many cases, the perpetrators is someone previously known to them. If there is a general perception that criminal investigations may be unduly harsh or traumatic, especially for minors, this may deter victims from reporting. It is in everyone’s interest that criminal investigations respect the rights of suspects

Background of the case – The secondary three student  was taken to the police station for investigation by five plainclothes police officers from his school on Tuesday morning and was interviewed for over 3 hours. Benjamin had been alleged to have molested an 11-year-old girl on Monday afternoon which he denies. Shortly after returning home with his mother and sister from the police station, he locked himself in his room and jumped out the window. (read more)

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遭民主党主席淡马亚质问 王瑞杰坚称选区检讨委会独立性

民主党主席淡马亚医生(Paul Tambyah)在一项公开活动上,质问副总理王瑞杰,是否有充分理由,不让选区范围检讨委员会(EBRC)从总理公署独立出来? 昨日,新加坡国立大学政策研究所(IPS)举办新加坡开埠200周年研讨会。也是财政部长的王瑞杰在会上发表谈话,并回应出席者提问。 在会上淡马亚医生抛出以上疑问。他清楚,有关选区范围检讨,仍是由“独立公务员”决策,不过最终他们仍需向总理报告。这对于本土全面民主的发展,仍有待改善。 上月4日,选举局在官网发布文告,宣布总理已召开成立了选区范围检讨委员会。 总理秘书陈基荣担任选区范围检讨委会主席。选举局局长许松岭担任委员会秘书,其他委员包括:建屋发展局局长蔡君炫博士、新加坡土地管理局局长陈文凯和统计局局长王辉锦。 对于淡马亚的提问,王瑞杰则坚称上述委会的独立性和效率,他解释,要做好选区划分,包括人口分布和变化都需要考量,这需要来自专家的意见。 他也指出,包括波东巴西、后港和阿裕尼待上届选举仍保持不变。 “所以我希望你不会质疑他们的独立性,他们在做对的事情。” 对于住宅规划纳入的改变,他也欣慰政府公务员有能力独立工作,并且对于什么方案最佳,给予政府建议。 对于淡马亚质问,选区检讨委会仍需向总理报告,王瑞杰则回应“除非你说他们是出于政治动机… …但你也说了他们是独立的!”…