Screencap from SDP video
Screencap from SDP video
Screencap from SDP video

By Vidhya Nair

With the general elections looming, opposition parties are gearing up their volunteer and donation drives.

Last evening, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) launched theirs on its Facebook page, with a sarcastic yet amusing video clip, running just over 1 minute, portrayed in a similar vein as a washing powder advertisement.

In the video,  a woman is shown loading clothing into a washing machine and the voice-over speaks of a brand of laundry washing powder with a logo resembling the People’s Action Party (PAP).

T-shirts with ‘stain’ marks such as the words “Accountability,” “Democracy,” “Transparency” are loaded and shown as being ubiquitously  cleaned and possibly “completely removed” with this brand of washing powder.

This morning, it was reported on their Facebook page that more than 7,000 views have been captured overnight and they anticipate more views.  It is unclear if these views have translated to Singapore citizens volunteering or donating to the SDP.

It is noteworthy that this approach of using humour as entertainment in politics is gaining momentum here.

Political satire has often been used around the world as a tool for ironic or sarcastic examination of the political arena and a way to publically discuss thorny issues to bring laughs, create awareness and discussion and promote activism.

The Media Development Authority, however, said it is looking into the matter when it was asked by the media if the video has contravened any provisions in the Films Act.

The Films Act bans the making, import, distribution or screening of “party political films”, but some films which meet certain criteria can be exempted.

This is the second video which the SDP has launched for this upcoming election campaign.

On 1 August, it released a one-minute video on education.

In its 2011 campaign, the SDP also put out a video which many saw as the most creative among all the parties.

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国务资政兼社会统筹部长尚达曼,昨晚(19日)在脸书发长文,指出此次选举讲永久改变我国政治,不论对朝野政党都是好事。他也阐述本身对民主发展的憧憬,包括续推崇多元族群主义、即使有政治竞争惟社会核心仍稳固,且能对不同观点包容的民主。 工人党前非选区议员余振忠,也在脸书发文,指出他对于尚达曼的憧憬,还要再加上一条,那就是执政党会更公平的竞争。 “请不要假装人民协会是非政治的,在野党议员无法使用人协设施和办活动;也请不要假装总理公署属下的选举局,是完全独立的。” 再者,要申请社区设施提升项目的基金,进行造福居民等计划,在野党议员还得寻求基层组织顾问的批准。他也敦促主流媒体的报导更为中庸、在使用《防假消息法》时当局更应谨慎等等。 在野党管理的选区,各区基层组织顾问一般由落选的行动党参选人担任。 不过,余振忠认为此次选举结果也显示选民变得成熟。他忆述2011年加入工人党,当时就感受到,行动党只有在面对强劲竞争时才肯聆听。过去余振忠便积极在报章论坛或群组反映议题,但似乎决策者未重视这些变革。 “如果要等到行动党严重挫败,再看有没有替代政党崛起,对新加坡来说都会带来影响。任何可靠的替代政党都需要时间去建设,让更多能人良才加入。” 余振忠也对选举结果分析,比起2011年,实际上行动党的选举表现还不赖,但2011年也没有太多能与行动党抗衡的替代候选人。但如今,行动党几乎在全岛都面对严峻的挑战。 选举结果亦说明选民趋向成熟,在普遍安全转移(flight to safety)下行动党品牌仍占优势,仍有选民惧怕迈向未知数,但目前情况正往好的方向转变。