By Firdaus

Workers’ Party takes care of Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) well except they went overbudget. Referring to the recent MRT incident, how much is it going to cost to rectify the problems in our MRT issue? I’m sure more than WP’s overbudget.

Regarding WP going overbudget, it isn’t because they aren’t competent but they are left with only one vendor that is tendering for AHPETC. Although this vendor charges a high price, they had no choice but to hire this company as it was the only choice left.

So you guys can see that situation is really out of WP’s control since most companies don’t want to tender for oppositions areas because they are afraid that their company would be blacklisted by PAP.

This is what the Internet Brigades (IBs) are trying to confuse the readers with, they say WP can’t take care of its area well, when something like this is out of their control.

Come on la, Low Thia Khiang has 20 years of experience taking care of Hougang, ask yourself would LTK screws up after winning big, winning a GRC and sabotage themselves by giving money to their friends (according to the accusation by Minister K.Shanmugam).

Give WP the chance and vote for them in the next election and see what they are capable of. Put more oppositions into the parliament.

People, don’t be scared, this is one of the ways we can pressure PAP government to listen more to the people.

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