By Nicole Ling

I’m glad the torture of Amos Yee has caught international attention.

To people who claim United Nations should mind their own business, I want these Singaporeans to know that human rights and child abuse are international issues.

Singaporeans who don’t like the foreign interference in our country, should not welcome or accept the compliments from any other countries or international agencies.

If that is the case, we should even return the World Heritage Status since the win was awarded by United Nations itself (UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). If you dislike United Nation’s comments on Amos Yee’s affairs, why do you welcome an award from the same organisation?

When Singaporeans criticise and condemn violence towards children and women in the Middle East countries, are we not interfering in another country’s domestic issues?

Should all human beings cease lending support to other humans in distress because their suffering is not happening in our backyard? Should we close our eyes to women and children suffering in the sweat shops of Pakistan, India, Nepal and Middle East because the victims are not Singaporeans?

Should we remain silent on child prostitution in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand because the brothels and human traffickers are not operating in Singapore?

Shall we not fight against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China? Shall we not speak out on Taiji’s annual dolphin slaughter?

When a human being suffers, we join in solidarity – because their suffering is ours.

UN Report on Amos Yee’s torture:

“The reported treatment and conditions of detention were particularly harsh and would never meet the minimum standards regarding the imposition of custodial measures for children”

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