Iris Lee’s Facebook post

Ms Iris Lee, posting on her Facebook page on Tuesday about the shut-down of the MRT system, urged the public to be considerate towards the staff of SMRT who were trying to help commuters affected by the breakdown.

“[Please] remember that they are just doing their best to get lives moving,” said Ms Lee, whose father is a staff of the SMRT.

Ms Lee said that her father was part of the maintenance staff of the company and had been involved in a previous incident when the trains broke down.

“The previous time when he was activated, he came back to us and shared with us how he could understand the feelings of the passengers who were shouting and pushing him and his co-workers,” she said. “He stood and said sorry at least 100 times to everyone who was trapped. He is just a maintenance guy in SMRT.”

And on Tuesday, he again was activated.

“We were having family dinner when my dad received notification that he is activated. Without further ado, he put down his dinner and report within 30 minutes to the assigned station. He did not grumble about how he had to work again.”

“But, there was no negativity in him despite being shouted at, at the efficiency of the company, at the long standing hours or at anything. He came back to announce that he was glad that it’s settled.

“So, before we throw our frustrations and ill mannerism to any of the ground staff,” Ms Lee urged, “please remember that they are just doing their best to get lives moving.”

“A little empathy goes a long way to consider the various stakeholders invoked in this whole process. And I am sure we can do this!

“And for now, my family and I are waiting for my dad to come home safely.”

Ms Lee’s post has been shared more than 1,500 times.

You can read it here.

Iris Lee's Facebook post
Iris Lee’s Facebook post
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