The 23-year-old Singaporean charged with illegal discharge of a firearm – with is punishable with the death penalty – found himself facing two additional charges when he appeared before the court on Monday afternoon.

Muhammad Iskandar bin Sa’at was charged with voluntarily causing hurt to Staff Sergeant Mohammad Sadli Razali, who had also sustained gunshot wounds to his thumb and foot. A Channel NewsAsia report said that the accused had allegedly “hit the police officer multiple times with a metal pole used for securing an IV drip, and with a t-baton.”

He was also charged with resistance to lawful apprehension for his attempt to escape.

Muhammad Iskandar was then remanded to Changi Prison Complex Medical Centre for three weeks for a psychiatric assessment. His request for bail was denied as he is facing a capital charge.

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撰文:人权律师M.Ravi  翻译:北雁 在本周二(2月12日),国会议长陈川仁在脸书发文表示,同意卫生部当初不把艾滋病患数据泄漏事件公之于众的决定和考量。 陈川仁表示“密切”聆听了颜金勇的解释,最后又把问题抛给群众,询问他们如果在相同情境下,他们会怎么做。当然本文并非要讨论群众该做什么,而是针对身为国会议长的陈川仁先生,指出他的可为和有所不可为。 身为议长,陈川仁就是国会中的首席官员,他有责任主持议会,确保议会事务顺利进行,而不是卷入议会和议员们的辩论,他有责任保持公正不偏袒。 2017年,他受委为第十届国会议长,也承诺在主持议会事务上会保持“不偏袒、中立和客观”。诸君也可到国会网站,上面也阐述了议长必须对所有议员一视同仁不偏袒。 然而,他在脸书对课题发表上述声明,是否已贬低了议长的身份,形同摒弃了他强调、也理应维护的客观公正? 以下为陈川仁对艾滋数据泄露事件发表观点的脸书贴文: 根据《议会法》(特权豁免权和权利)(第217章)第3(1)条,议长的豁免权和权限,自共和国创立以来就和英国国会类同。在厄尔斯金梅(Erskine May)撰写的《议会惯例》–一本有关议会程序和守则的权威教科书,也提到下议院院长的主要性质,即是保持权威和公正。 那么假设国会议员、在此情况下就是议长本身–若藐视议会程序,那么有几个方案可以遵循。 一,提呈违反特权动议,交特权委员会审理议长。…