My husband travels in and out of Johor, Mondays to Fridays every week. He is working for a Singapore-based company that has a few manufacturing plants in Johore and my husband is heading these plants.

Although he is travelling everyday for work, he queues for entry and exit with all others entering Johor, especially holiday goers. The jam is long during peak hours of travel all year round, and he has to endure it everyday as no distinction is made between holiday goers and business or working people. And peak hours cannot be avoided as these are specified working hours that has to be adhered to.

The long traffic jams get unbearable during holiday periods when inevitably an increased flow of cross-overs take place everyday of the holidays. Sometimes the queue in the jam lasts several hours.

While it is totally understandable that the increase in traffic flow is unavoidable, can’t any arrangement be made to distinguish queues from holiday goers to the working people?

While some can choose to travel during peak periods because they have the leisure of time during holidays, others are taking the same route on a daily basis. The held up in massive jams for those who have no choice but to travel in and out for work purposes goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

Bi-lateral ties and businesses are fundamental for both Singapore and Malaysia/Johor’s healthy and profitable growth, but there are some workers like my husband who are sandwiched without any regard to their daily travels and time sacrifices everyday during their travel time in and out of the two nations.

Can the relevant authorities please be empathetic and see if a separate queue can be set up for the dutiful travelers like my husband? I am sure there will be many readers and officers who would find this request a fair one. I end this humble request, hopeful that this matter I have raised will attract the attention of relevant authorities and organisations.

The link to this letter has been sent to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore for their response.

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