TODAY gets slammed for sensationalising Yale-NUS drop-out rates

So, the TODAY newspaper had a report out on 8 June 2015. It was titled:


Wow. That’s a big headline. Big claim. Big allegations. Big problem with the school which only started operations barely two years ago in 2013.

What’s gone wrong?


Well, according to TODAY, “some former Yale-NUS College students have decided to drop out because of a mismatch between the college’s offerings and their academic expectations.”

TODAY further explained that the students “felt the courses, in covering a broad range of subjects, did not go into their preferred level of depth.”

TODAY then reported what two such students said.

And TODAY helpfully informed us that there are 330 students at Yale-NUS.

And TODAY also informed us that out of these, 3 per cent had dropped out of their courses.

Yup. 3 per cent.

That’s 9.9 students.

And TODAY spoke to 2 of them.

And then TODAY came up with that headline.


2 students out of 330.

Sensational much?

But hey, don’t take it from me! Take it from one of the two students which TODAY spoke to – he was so pissed he posted a comment in that TODAY report itself!

Here was what Rocco Hu said:


Ah, yes. So that’s what happened.

And others agreed with Rocco.




You get the gist.

You can also read the rest of the comments here: “Yale-NUS courses ‘do not match’ students’ academic expectations“.

Read the right thing, folks.

*The above article was first published on Read The Right Thing.