Five from defunct Mobile Air Pte Ltd arrested over series of cheating cases

Five from defunct Mobile Air Pte Ltd arrested over series of cheating cases

Mobile Air Pte Ltd

It is reported that five men related to the now-defunct Mobile Air Pte Ltd, including its former owner Jover Chew, were called to report to police and detained yesterday over a series of cheating cases at Sim Lim Square.

Mr Chew, 32 shot to infamy after a video of a Vietnamese tourist begging on his knees in tears for the return of his money, went viral. The tourist had paid $950 for an iPhone 6 which was meant for his girlfriend, but was told that he had to pay $1,500 more in warranty fees or forfeit both the mobile phone and his cash.

In November last year, the Singapore Police Force confirmed that police reports were lodged against Mobile Air, the shop at Sim Lim Square for allegedly unfair and dishonest sales tactics.

It is said that some customers were coerced into buying mobile phones and in-house warranties at inflated prices due to hidden terms and agreement in the sale contract. The customers were given the choice of paying for the grossly inflated mobile phones or pay fees to cancel the deal.

After the video had gone viral, online vigilantes posted Mr Chew’s personal details online, forcing him to close the shop to escape the attention. The shop subsequently reopened with another name, but police moved in the shop to collect evidence for investigation purposes.

According to Consumers’ Association of Singapore (CASE), the mobile phone shop received over 25 complaints from the public during August to October 2014 prior to the incident.

The five men arrested were between 31 and 38 years old.

It is reported that the mother of Mr Chew had not expected the arrest of her son as he and the others have been asked to assist with investigations many times in the past half year.

Mr Chew and the other four arrested are to appear in court tomorrow.

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