Singapore’s public transport operators (PTOs), SBS Transit and SMRT Corporation Ltd has issued a joint press release to announce that the companies will offer free travel on board all their bus and train services on National Day (9 August 2015).

Free travel will take effect on 9 August from the start of service to the end of operation.

The two companies wrote that the free travel offered by the two companies will encourage people to attend National Day celebrations island-wide on Singapore’s 50th birthday.

Commuters taking SBS Transit and SMRT trunk and feeder bus services, as well as SMRT’s Night Rider and all SBS Transit’s non basic services such as Parks, Chinatown Direct and Night Owl bus services, can board any bus free of charge without having to tap in or out with their fare cards.

Fare gates leading to train services run by SMRT and SBS Transit will be opened on National Day to allow people to board trains on multiple train lines for free. Connections between rail lines operated by the two PTOs will also be free.

Mr Desmond Kuek, President and Group Chief Executive Officer, SMRT Corporation Ltd, said: “SMRT has been integral to Singapore’s nation-building efforts. As we celebrate a milestone in the Singapore story, free travel on National Day will provide a boost to Singapore’s Jubilee birthday celebrations held island-wide. We encourage people to step aboard our bus and train services to enjoy complimentary rides as we mark our 50th birthday. Our staff will be on duty on National Day to ensure public transport services run smoothly and seamlessly for the benefit of all our commuters.”

Mr Gan Juay Kiat, CEO SBS Transit, said: “As we celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday, we also look back at how public transport has developed over the years with the never-wavering mission to serve the commuting needs of our population. What better way to mark this significant year of nation-building than to offer free rides for all on this special day! We hope that this will add to the celebratory atmosphere and encourage everyone to get out of the house to celebrate as one united people. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy National Day.”

Minister for Transportation, Mr Lui Tuck Yew wrote on his facebook page that he is happy to hear of the free public transportation provided by the two transport companies.

“I am happy to hear that SBST and SMRT will be providing free travel on their trains and buses on National Day. This will be wonderful for Singaporeans who are participating in various National Day activities that day. It is a very meaningful gesture by the two operators to commemorate our 50th year of independence, given the key role that public transport has played in the lives of Singaporeans and in the country’s development.

During the long Jubilee Weekend, I anticipate that more Singaporeans will move around using public transport than usual, as it will allow them to get to the different venues without having to worry about car parking or congestion. LTA will work with SBST and SMRT to make necessary adjustments to cater for increased travel demand.”

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