Leave Oxley Road house be, build founder’s memorial park instead: GCT


ESM Goh Chok Tong

Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong had wanted to the home of the late former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew to be kept for national heritage purposes, but said that he respected Mr Lee wish to demolish it. Instead, he suggested that a Founder's Memorial Park should be built instead.

Mr Goh made the remarks on his Facebook page, following calls by various Members of Parliament for the government to build memorials in Mr Lee's honour or to name significant landmarks, such as Changi Airport, after him.

His thoughts run counter to current ideas mooted by his fellow MPs, which include naming a public holiday for Singapore's founding fathers.

This was what Mr Goh wrote:

"I, too, thought we should preserve Mr Lee Kuan Yew's house as a national heritage. But he was totally against it and had his wish recorded in Cabinet. He could not be persuaded. He was a rational man. PM Lee explained Mr Lee's thinking in Parliament yesterday, one which I was familiar with. I think the idea of a Founders Memorial Park to mark the making of a nation, it's trials and tribulations, is more meaningful... Let us contribute our ideas to this concept."

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  • NotSoNutCase

    This founder memorial park is perhaps the most thoughtful and meaningful suggestion I have heard so far. Good suggestion GCT:-)!

  • PikuChoo

    I had suggested at URA’s website that the Rail Corridor be kept as a Green Corridor as a tribute to LKY’s lifelong passion and interest in greening Singapore.

    Unfortunately, I believe the plans are basically to add “buzz” to it instead until its tranquil green nature is so despoiled that the govt can then shrug its shoulders and say, might as well use it for housing…

  • kh tan

    Padang is the most appropriate holy ground.

  • Samson

    Then the house is now a holiday home for the Lees. LHL asked people what is wrong with 4 generations living under one roof. What is wrong is, because of that, one family can have 3 or 4 or 5 roofs.

    LKY used his intelligence for his own good as always. He leaves Singapore no choice really because he knew that the people will NOT want to demolish the house and he did not want his house to become public property either.

  • nelsonmandala

    u 1 a memorial for your cousin? woodhead GOH?
    try bishan park opp d sin min great buddhist golden temple..
    watever u suggest..pls dun recommend anda $400 million$
    d dropdead carcass is not WORTH it

  • Soo Bon Yee

    Something going on behind the scene? Son wants to please the father or please supporters? If son supports supporters’ request, son becomes a “pu shao zi” by going against father’s last wish. If son is a “shao zi”, his supporters may switch camp?
    Suggest remove the roof and part of the wall and rebuilt a memorial for “remembering the old guards”

    • Chin

      Please what father? The father is dead. It’s not to please supporters either. They could probably care less about the man himself, to his supporters, he is only a means to an end (promotions and bigger paychecks). It’s a strategy to win elections. As seen during that whole hysterical week of mourning, our Great Leader is now the poster boy of PAP. Immortalize him by building a memorial for him, they hypothetically capture the electorate’s minds forever.

      It’s essential to them that the people never forget that LKY is The Man, as well as the Founder and Leader of the Best Party of All Time PAP. Want a continued streak of success? Vote for us forever! Every year 23 April, all our primary/secondary/JC kids will be bombarded again with the Remember Our Great Leader festivities, and they grow up thinking, yeah, PAP is the best. Some strategy.

  • Chin

    I think naming a public holiday after our Great Leader Founding Father would be the least politically divisive idea. I really doubt anyone who doesn’t like PAP won’t like that idea. Give that first useful PAP MP a Tiger! While we’re at it, we should also name a public holiday after Sang Nila Utama, as well as Sir Stamford Raffles, William Farquhar, Lim Bo Seng, Elizabeth Choy, and every last non partisan member of society with significant contribution, It’s okay if they don’t want Ong Teng Cheong Day. I can wait till the off chance a non PAP party assumes power in government. We need a lot more public holidays. Babies don’t pop with this much stress.