Animal protection is important to Singaporeans and only a minority agrees with the current animal culling measures, as findings from a first-ever comprehensive public survey on animal protection issues in Singapore revealed.

ACRES logo verticalA joint effort by the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) and Millward Brown Singapore, a media and communication consultancy, the survey was conducted in January 2015 in order to better understand Singaporeans’ concerns and perspectives towards animal protection.

“The survey findings are very encouraging,” said Mr Louis Ng, Chief Executive of ACRES. “Animal protection is clearly an issue close to the heart of Singaporeans and this shows a strong sense of compassion in our society. While animals continue to be culled in Singapore due to public complaints, the findings here show that the complaints are from a minority of Singaporeans. We look forward towards working closely with the government on exploring and implementing alternative long-term humane solutions that will address both public and animal protection concerns.”

Millward Brown spoke to 600 Singaporeans though an independent mobile survey.

Key findings of the survey were:

  • 79% of Singaporeans agree that animal protection is important to them.
  • 71% of Singaporeans agree that nature reserves are important to them.
  • 10% of Singaporeans feel that shark’s fin consumption should be allowed.
  • 14% of Singaporeans feel that stray dog culling should be allowed.
  • 13% of Singaporeans feel that monkey culling should be allowed.
  • 14% of Singaporeans feel that wild boar culling should be allowed.
  • 36% of Singaporeans agree that the government is doing enough on animal protection.
  • 5% of Singaporeans disagree on harsher penalties with regard to the import/export/re-export and/or possession of endangered species.
  • 75% of Singaporeans are willing to support ACRES in advocating for an end to animal cruelty.

The survey also showed stronger support by Gen Y as compared to Gen X on several animal protection issues. 83% of Gen Y Singaporeans (as compared to 70% of Gen X Singaporeans) agree that animal protection is important to them and 81% of Gen Y Singaporeans (as compared to 63% of Gen X Singaporeans) are willing to support ACRES in advocating for an end to animal cruelty.

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