The annual St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Singapore had its parade on 15 March (Sunday), which is part of the Irish celebrations that took place between 14 to 16 March.

This is the tenth parade held in Singapore so far.

St Patrick’s Day, which falls on the Mar 17, commemorates the life of the patron saint of Ireland and is also Ireland’s National Day.

This year, Singapore River One is the main organiser for the St Partick’s Day celebrations and with its main sponsors, being University College Dublin and Kaplan Singapore.

GOH st patrick day
Parade Chairman Colin MacDonald, Guest of Honor, Minister for Justice and Equality for Ireland, Frances Fitzgerald and Ambassador of Ireland to Singapore, Geoffrey Keating.

The parade was graced by the Ambassador of Ireland to Singapore, Geoffrey Keating with guest of honour Minister for Justice and Equality for Ireland, Frances Fitzgerald.

Mrs Frances Fitzgerald said in her address to the crowd in the parade, “I know there are many links between our two countries (Ireland and Singapore) and they are definitely getting closer in the years ahead. I am here to celebrate those links.”

Parade chairman, Colin MacDonald who is also the founder of the annual parade in Singapore extended an invitation for a group of urumi drummers who were at the parade venue to join in the parade.

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