Restaurant with rat in one of its dishes, to suspend its operations immediately

Image by Caron Chan

Spot anything special in the dish above?

Well, Caron Chan posted the images on her facebook account of what seems to be a rat carcass in a dish at Hotpot Culture, Marine square when she and her colleagues went for lunch at the restaurant.

Chan wrote in her facebook post,

“Spot the #RAT in the vegetable dish. Taken at Hotpot Culture at Marina Square for the $8.80 porridge buffet with my colleagues for lunch. It was “Business-as-usual” right after removing the dish tray. Enough said.”

According to her, a colleague had spotted what she thought was a rat’s tail in a vegetable dish.

In her facebook post, Chan said that they were relieved that they have not started eating before one of her colleagues spotted the tail of a rat in one of the dish.

After discovering the tail, Chan scooped out the rest of the “body” and confirmed it to be a whole rat carcass.

She then approached a staff member to inform them about their finding.

But instead of clearing all the dishes, only the dish containing the rat carcass was removed.

Chan said to local media,  “The staff member didn’t even react quickly, she handled something else first, then came to us and told another employee to remove it. She just said sorry and that they would serve a new batch,”

“What about the other customers who already ate it? That was so gross. They should have quickly stopped operations.”

Completely turned off by their find, Chan and her colleagues left the restaurant without paying, but informed the table next to them, which had already eaten the dish.

“The lady at the table next to us told us that she was still charged by the restaurant. She has already lodged a complaint with the National Environment Agency,” said Chan.

The National Environment Authority (NEA) has suspended Hotpot Culture Restaurant after the discovery of a rat carcass in one of its dishes was made known to them.

NEA in its statement to local media, “The restaurant has been instructed to suspend its operations immediately while NEA conducts its investigations,”

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