chuan drive
By Outbreak SG charts
The number of dengue cases at Chuan Drive has doubled from 7 to 14 in just a week apart.
On 1 Dec, the total number of cases at Chuan Drive was 7 and on 9 Dec, the number of cases at Chuan Drive doubled to 14 cases.
Chuan Drive is located near Chuan Terrace, where a 69-year-old Chinese man died from dengue on 27 November 2014 after his condition deteriorated while hospitalised.
dengue cases
The weekly number of new dengue cases has reached 212 last week (30 Nov – 6 Dec). After dipping to a low of 149 weekly new cases three weeks ago, this number has increased steadily for the second consecutive week.
As a frame of reference

  • Around this period in 2012, there were 78 – 100 weekly new cases.
  • Around this period in 2013, there were 347 – 372 weekly new cases.

So while the current situation is not as bad as 2013, it is still worse than 2012.

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