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SINGAPORE (29th October 2014) – Asia’s first  high fashion and lifestyle digital journal for the Asian LGBT community ELEMENT Magazine publishes its 10th issue alongside the launch of The Rainbow Campaign.
In line with the upcoming Taiwan Pride Parade, renowned Taiwanese singer A-Mei will be fronting the campaign as well as appearing on the cover of ELEMENT Magazine. The only cover shoot that A-Mei is doing this year.
With seven photographers and 20 participants from six cities in Asia participating in the Rainbow Campaign, ELEMENT Magazine hopes to share the universal values with the world that despite the differences in sexual orientation, LGBTs are fundamentally the same as everyone else trying to
make the best out of what we have and longing for love. We hope to make an impact in our culture and gradually gain further acceptance in society.
Campaign organizer Hiro Mizuhara commented, “Homosexuality traces back many centuries ago regardless of color or race. True democracy in any country lies in protecting the interest of minorities.”
As a mixed descendent of Japanese and Chinese, Hiro Mizuhara received Western education while growing up. He has experienced differences and common traits lied in different cultures. As the organizer of the rainbow campaign, he added, “A truly progressed and civilized society is one that respect the very rights and dignity of every individual.”
Renowned Taiwanese singer who is also an advocate for gay rights A-Mei shared her purpose in fronting this campaign, “As it is to me, love needs to be respected regardless of who you are, who I am. I hope by taking part in this campaign, more people will be aware, understand and recognize the LGBT community.”
Ian Koh, photographer for the Taiwan leg of this campaign says “Through this campaign, teenagers and young adults who has been suppressed can see that there are many (gay people) out there living their lives normally and holding their heads up high.”
Well-known Taiwanese celebrity photographer, Su Yi Liang took the opportunity as a contribution to the LGBT community “I very happy that I can do something for our LGBT friends, so I took the job as I wanted to show support in the best way I know how.”
The Rainbow Issue will be launch by the end of October featuring exclusive interviews with A-Mei and
every participant. The series of visually bold photographs that will also be exhibited in an LGBT bar in
Shanghai called 390 Shanghai.

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