Eye on Politics – Deepavali get-together, first batch for SFP

Deepavali Celebration of Opposition parties

DPP party
Members from Singapore political parties, National Solidarity Party (NSP), Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura (PKMS), Singapore National Front (SNF), Singaporeans First Party (SFP), Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) met together last Saturday for a pre-Deepavali party.

The social gathering was initiated by DPP’s Secretary General, Benjamin Pwee.

It wasn’t just all about fun. Members of the different parties voiced suggestions on how the opposition parties could work together to foster better relationships and synergise efforts.

First batch of members for Singaporean’s First Party

singapore first

About 30 new members turned up for Singaporeans First Party’s (SFP) Meet & Greet event on 6 October. These are the first batch of about 100 who have signed up as members for the newly formed political party. CEC members in the party turned up in their blue and white t-shirts and caps.