The ASEAN Counter-Terrorism (CT) Workshop, organised by the Home Team Academy (HTA), will be held in Singapore from Tuesday, 15 July 2014 to Thursday, 17 July 2014. 28 participants from the security agencies of ASEAN Member States will be attending this workshop to  exchange knowledge and best practices among the countries.
The workshop’s theme “Joint Incident Management” recognises that it is no longer viable for any one agency to operate on its own, given today’s evolving terrorism threats. It is important to adopt a unified counter terrorism (CT) incident management, where collaborations take place at a national level or across international borders.
At the workshop, Singapore will be sharing its “All Hazards” and whole-of-government approach to manage the aftermath of a terrorist incident, so as to ensure a return to normalcy as soon as possible.
Experts in the field of CT have also been invited to share their experiences at the workshop. One of the invited speakers is Mr Keith Pearce, a veteran detective with the Criminal Investigation
Department of London’s Metropolitan Police Service before joining its counterterrorism command and had been involved in the investigation of several high profile explosions, such as the London 7/7 underground bombings.
“The ASEAN CT Workshop is a platform that encourages international sharing on counter-terrorism in our region. It demonstrates the good cooperation within ASEAN and between ASEAN and Japan. This is especially so as we continue to strengthen ourselves against the transnational threat of terrorism, and aim to manage cross-border incidents more effectively. The Home Team Academy is proud to be part of the efforts in enhancing counter terrorism cooperation in our region.” said Mr T. Raja Kumar, Chief Executive of the Home Team Academy
Image: MINDEF / Singapore Armed Forces’ Special Operations Task Force

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