Going for an overseas trip soon? Please be reminded that all goods brought into Singapore – including new items, souvenirs, gifts or food products – are subject to 7 per cent Goods and Services Tax (GST).
A press statement released by the Singapore Customs on 26th May 2014, reminds all arriving travellers, which includes returning Singaporeans to familiarise themselves with Singapore’s customs regulations (available online at www.customs.gov.sg). The government agency states that it is the responsibility of travellers to make an accurate and complete declaration of the dutiable and taxable items in their possession.
Travellers who are away from Singapore for 48 hours or more can enjoy GST relief for goods bought overseas valued up to S$600. Those who are away from Singapore for  less than 48 hours will receive GST relief for goods valued up to S$150.
Travellers are required to pay GST only on the value of goods that exceeds their GST  relief. They should declare and pay the GST for their goods at the Customs Tax Payment Office or Self Service Tax Payment Kiosk at the checkpoints.
There is no GST relief for liquor, tobacco products, petroleum, and goods imported for commercial purposes.  There is no duty-free concession for cigarettes and other tobacco products. All  cigarettes, including those with the ‘SDPC’ mark, and tobacco products are subject to  duty and GST when brought into Singapore.
Failure to make a declaration is an offence under the Customs Act and the GST Act.
The agency also warned that offenders may be prosecuted in court and fined up to S$10,000 or 20 times the amount  of duty and GST, whichever is higher, and/or jailed for up to three years.  Travellers are advised to consult Singapore Customs  officers at the Tax Payment Office if they are unsure of the GST relief they are entitled to, or their duty-free allowance. Members of the public can obtain more information by  calling the Singapore Customs hotline on 63552000, or emailing their queries to [email protected].
Example provided by Singapore Customs
example customs

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工人党主席林瑞莲,在国会辩论终身护保议题时,揭露一名符合资格的截肢老人,乐龄健保赔付中途被终止,辗转上诉成功后成功续保。可惜这名老人无法继续享有这份福利,在续保不到一月,就与世长辞。 林瑞莲分享,不久前她的选民K先生去世,生前饱受后期肾衰竭折磨,也因糖尿病截肢。然而保险单位以K先生仍有“部分”能力自理六项起居活动,取消了他的乐龄健保赔付。 “K先生后来被转移到临终关怀,保险机构要求他,要重新索赔,仍要填表格上诉。K先生曾在临终关怀中心托我协助,惟他女儿后来填了表格,在医生协助下,让K先生重新领取乐龄健保赔付。可惜不到一个月后,他离开了人世。” 林瑞莲对于如何衡量“伤残”的标准,来决定保户是否符合健保索偿资格感到困惑,特别是政府收了上亿元的保费,但是K先生这样的个案却无法享有保障,如果相同情况也发生在即将落实的终身护保,令人难以接受。 无法自理其中一项,生活就已够困难 方荣發议员也声援林瑞莲,呼吁检讨“严重伤残”定义,特别是降低门槛,让无法自理两项生活起居的保户,也能索赔。 “不要说六项,障友无法自理其中一项,生活都已经面对很大挑战。2018年检讨乐龄健保,倡议扩大保障范围,制定更具包容性的重度伤残定义,岂非合情合理?“ 根据“独立新闻网”报导,K先生的兄弟在社交媒体留言,他们来自低收入家庭,其兄嫂为了哥哥拜访了很多单位,但都以不符合资格为由,拒绝了K先生的援助申请。 乐龄健保计划,已收取33亿元保费,但是只有1亿3千300万元被索偿。至于终身护保将在2020年落实,凡是30岁以上公民都强制性参与,一直付保费到67岁。

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