After Singapore rescinded invitations to the chief of staff of the Indonesian Navy and to a group of 100 junior officers from the Indonesian Armed Forces, Indonesia has responded by withdrawing its top brass from the military from the Singapore Airshow altogether.
An Indonesian military spokesman said he believed Singapore pulled the invitations of the 100 lower-level officers because of Indonesia’s decision to name a navy ship after two Indonesian marines.
The Singapore Ministry of Defence (Mindef) “did not deny this latest development” when it was queried by local media on the withdrawal of the invitation.
The invitation, according to news reports, “was to a dialogue which was to have taken place at the Singapore Airshow, which officially starts on Tuesday.”
On Sunday night, the Indonesian government responded by announcing its withdrawal of several of its top military leaders from the Airshow. These included:
–       Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces GEN Moeldoko
–       Indonesia Deputy Defence Minister LG (Ret) Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin
–       Chief of Staff, Indonesian Army GEN Budiman
–       Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Air Force ACM Ida Bagus Putu Dunia
A Indonesian government statement also said that a visit by Sjamsoeddin to Singapore for a “strategic dialogue” had been scrapped too. It is unclear if the dialogue is the same as the one the Indonesian Navy Chief was to attend.
Sjamsoeddin, a retired lieutenant general, also cancelled a lecture he was to give at a Singapore university, according to the Bangkok Post newspaper.
The apparent tit-for-tat is the latest actions by both sides which have resulted from the dispute over the naming of a military ship after two bombers by Indonesia.
Last week, Indonesia announced that a Navy ship would be named after Second Sgt. Usman bin Haji Muhammad Ali and Second Cpl. Harun bin Said.
The two marines, who have been declared national heroes by the Indonesian government, were executed in Singapore in 1968 for carrying out the bombing that killed three and injured 33 at MacDonald House in Singapore’s Orchard Road area in 1965.
The Indonesian government actions were met with concerns being raised by the Singapore side, with at least 5 ministers so far weighing in on the matter, including S’pore’s Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, and Defence Minister, Ng Eng Hen.
DPM Teo said Singaporeans would question the message that Indonesia is sending by naming the frigate KRI Usman Harun.
A statement from his office said: “DPM Teo and Dr Ng, on behalf of the Singapore Government, respectfully asked that Indonesia takes into account the feelings of the victims and their families, and the implications their families, and the implications and consequences, when making their decision whether to name the warship after the two marines.”
The Indonesian government, however, said earlier that the matter was a domestic decision and that others should not interfere in it.
”We regret the cancellation since we have good relations on the technical level,” an Indonesian spokesman said. ”We should not mix this with politics.”
Singapore’s former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, had visited the graves of the two soldiers in Indonesia in 1973 – eight years after the bombing – and sprinkled flowers over their graves. The act was reported to have appeased the Indonesian government and public, and was seen as final closure on the matter.

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光谱行动前政治扣留者、维权律师张素兰,发文批评人力部在处理客工的课题上,未能保障客工宿舍生活条件、居住环境合理。 张素兰表示,四月是炎热季节的高峰,在我国炎热与潮湿的环境底下,想象客工们挤在拥挤的宿舍内,还要忍受着混凝土建筑的高温,这是一件多么痛苦的一件事。 “混凝土建筑物所带来的高温总是难以忍受,而且四月是炎热季节的高峰。甚至都有可能会在新加坡发生山火的季节,所以我非常了解被限制在一间小房间内,而且高温也迎面而来的感觉,就如同待在炉子内一般难以忍受。” 张素兰继指,如今也能证明,在过去十几年间,政府都未能为客工提供很好的照顾的事实。 至于要求客工要24小时内待在宿舍,张素兰提出质疑,“如今还要客工全天24小时都待在宿舍内,人力部又该如何管理这些客工?”,同时也呼吁应该要让独立记者入宿舍内进行采访,理解客工的生活条件。 把客工和本地社群区分开来 针对政府未能给予客工更好的居住环境,张素兰认为在一开始爆发客工确诊时,已然显而易见。她表示,当时就已经将客工与非客工作出明确区分。至于为何要做出区分,张素兰则认为是因为客工并非新加坡公民,无法算作大选时的选票。 她也直指,由于多年来忽视对客工的照顾,亦导致如今大量客工确诊的情况,而今大量的客工确诊也让政府“火烧屁股”,他们才不断推出一些措施“灭火”。 此外,张素兰也质问,如果政府在过去三周内都未能有效隔离患者,那要求他们关在炎热潮湿的房内的意义何在? “从我收集的报道,目前只有确诊病例会是被隔离的,而其他人则是不允许在周围移动,即使房内有人被确诊了,其余客工也只会被要求留在房内。” 最后,张素兰也呼吁政府应该给予客工更好的对待,尤其在近期内国际媒体已大肆报道政府如何对待客工的事实,因此也无需否认事实的存在,而且这些“事实”已逐渐损害了我国的良好的声誉,所以才要更好的对待客工。 “如果新加坡以这种方式对待客工,又该如何被称为第一世界国家,又该如何与挪威、瑞典、德国和日本相比?如果新加坡真的想被称为第一世界国家,那我们应该善待客工。”

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