By Leong Sze Hian

I refer to the article “Ex-construction worker turned boss wins top entrepreneur award” (Straits Times, Dec 5).

$13 a day pay to $18 after 31 years?

Since he was earning $13 a day or about $400 a month about 31 years ago, and I understand that construction workers are now being paid as little as $18 a day – the pay may have decreased in real terms by about 22 per cent after 31 years.

We may arguably, have become a nation renowned for the exploitation of foreign and low-wage Singaporean workers.

Work permit holders have no future?

Also, it may be almost impossible today for a foreign worker on a work permit, to ever become a citizen or start a business.

Unlike most other countries, and in the distant past in Singapore, work permit workers know that they have no future in Singapore.

More than a million unmotivated workers?

Hence, what do you expect? Lowly paid workers who are not motivated – resulting in low productivity, poor service standards, etc.

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