By Terry Xu

For those who recall about the fire that broke out in an incineration plant at Tuas Avenue 10 recently on 8th November 2013. There was three victims in the accident who suffered from burn injuries.

Photo by Stephen Anathas
Photo by Stephen Anathas

One of the three victims was named Goh Weiming. 

A friend of Weiming posted a facebook status update to prompt his friends to donate blood to help Weiming which TOC then picked up.


Through his assistance, we got in touch with Weiming’s NS unit commander and was informed that his NS unit’s medical officer had updated everyone on his current condition after a recent visit to Weiming in the hospital.

As Weiming is now prone to infection, the number of visitors allowed to enter the cleanroom is restricted to only immediate family members though his friends can still visit him and talk to him via the intercom.

The exact severity of his injuries are said to be confidential by a family member who declined to answer the extent of the burns suffered by Weiming. But we understand that his condition is currently stable but still critical.




The NS commanding officer of Weiming’s NS unit, LTC (NS) Derek Tan Heng Huat passed the above screenshot to us and said,”He is a good commander and our best Soldier in our recent in-camp training (ICT). Just the day before (Thur) before the accident on Fri evening.. He messaged me. He’s one with a great commitment to serve our nation.”

He said that it is hard to say at this point in time as his condition remains unpredictable. But should things remain stable, he would still be required to stay in the intensive care unit until his skin has recovered which would take a few months.

LTC Tan have clarified with the blood bank that they do not practice named donations. However, he said that if the more people donate, there will be more blood available for Weiming. And in his condition, he would definitely need a large amount of blood.

So for those who are interested to help, Weiming is in need of B+ blood. If you are willing to help him out  and if you’re with B or O blood, please visit the blood bank and donate. Do be part of the effort to save him and many others!

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Click here for the steps you should follow before and after your donation.

Blood bank location


Health Sciences Authority (Opposite Outram Park MRT Station)


Woodlands Civic Centre (Opposite Causeway Point)

Bloodbank@Dhoby Ghaut

Dhoby Xchange (Near Exit B) #B1-05/06/07/08/09

For more information on how to get to the blood banks and other details, visit Health Science Authority’s blood donation service website.

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