Funeral service provider: Lack of compassion to issue summon

Funeral service provider: Lack of compassion to issue summon

Translated from Wanbao , “运尸车接获罚单 殡葬业者:没人情味

Video from Wanbao

4 summon tickets in a mere 15 minutes park at the roadside to ferry the body for funeral. Coffin delivery man complains: “Devoid of compassion to issue summon while the deceased and the coffin is still on the vehicle!”. This incident happened at around 1pm on 4th November at the roadside of Jalan Membina Block 22.

A funeral service provider who does not wish to be named complained that during the incident, four lorries were delivering the coffin, the deceased along with some funeral offerings to the funeral site.

As there is only a small road for parking beside the funeral site. Although the road is marked with a double yellow line but the provider still parked the lorries by the roadside out of convience to shift the coffin and the body of the deceased to site.

“We parked the lorries at the small road, got off the lorries to settle some affairs with the deceased’s family. Who would have expected to find 3 vehicles to be summoned within just 15 minutes, each vehicles being fined 100 dollars!”

He said that when the vehicles were being given the summon, the deceased along with the coffin were still on the vehicle, and cannot understand why the traffic warden could not have been more accommodating when they knew that the family is having a funeral, and still went ahead to issue the traffic summon.

He added that, the lorry that was ferrying the coffin had its rear door opened and could clearly see the coffin, the traffic warden surely would have know that they were having a funeral.

To make things worse, apart from 3 of the lorries from the funeral provider were being given the summons, the car of the deceased’s family was also given one summon.

“I know that by parking the vehicles on the double yellow line is a violation of the traffic rules but we can’t possibly drive the vehicles to the multi-storey carpark and then shift the deceased’s body and the coffin from upstairs.”

He feels that the traffic wardens should be more flexible when it comes to handing such incidents, and communicate with the family of the deceased and the funeral service providers.

Deceased’s family help in appeal

The family of the deceased took in the 3 parking summons to help in appealing. The funeral service provider who does not wish to be named revealed that the deceased’s family facing the sorrow of losing one’s daughter still went out of way to take over their 3 summon tickets and expressed their willingness in helping to appeal, this made him very touched.

He said that he has confidence that the appeal will go through but hope that when the traffic wardens face with such circumstances, they could show more compassion in handling of the situation.

Zheng Hai Chuan – Mostly accommodating

Funeral service provider: If traffic parking rules are violated, traffic warden would mostly accomodate.

Local well-known funeral service provider, Zheng Hai Chuan said during an interview that the providers would park the vehicles to park at the road nearest to the funeral site, which sometimes would evidently foul the law.

“Sometimes the bus which ferry the friends and relatives of the deceased would also park by the roadside but not for a long time”

He said that most traffic wardens would be compassionate. if the funeral service provider require to park their vehicles on a double-yellow lane, they would give allowance as these vehicles will only park a while before driving off.

He would also communicate with the traffic wardens and never met with funeral vehicles being issued summons before.

“Maybe the traffic warden do not know that this vehicle is related to funeral, and so issued the summons”

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