University of Chicago to leave Singapore – Why?

University of Chicago to leave Singapore – Why?

By Leong Sze Hian

university of chicago

The University of Chicago (UC) will move its Singapore campus to Hong Kong.

Of all the foreign universities with campuses in Singapore, UC is arguably the jewel in the crown.

UC is the only Ivy League university with a campus in Singapore.

This is the 5th prestigious foreign university to close in Singapore in recent years – UNSW, John Hopkins, Tisch and NYU-NUS law degree programme.

Did Singapore lose any money with this and if so, how much money did Singapore lose this time on yet another failed university tie-up?

Like people say – if its one time, its an accident – 2 times, its bad luck – 3 times, its fated – 4 times, its TV serial. And now its the fifth time!

So, how much money have we lost in total for the 5 failed tie-ups?


Reference: “John Hopkins, UNSW and now Tisch: When will we ever learn?”, Nov 9, 2012)

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