By Leong Sze Hian

I refer to the HDBSpeaks’ article “Is it true that HDB does not help home owners who are facing financial difficulty?”
I informed the homeless person who is currently living in a homeless shelter about the above response to her story, and she has written the following to clarify her side of the story. Names and locations has been removed due to the sensitivity of the information.
“Ever since 2007 i resigned from my job to take care of my mom who was wheel chair bound after having a stroke.  So i have to do everything on my own.i did not ask for outside help. i did seek MP help.This was on going till 2009.
When i did approach HDB Branch office the Senior officer MR ___ who was in charge there at that time.He was aware of my mother’s condition, and he also ask of her. And he said that of considering the downgrading to 3Room flat. And he also assist me on applying for it. And i also ask him of the Loan that i m going to take, and it is the third time. he said he will help me on it, and ask me also seek the MP’s help.
Then secondly, i have to pay the $45,000 levy. Do u think i will sell to buy another. He ask me to seek MP’s help to by waiving it off or matching it to the Loan. All this which i was not aware off. All this that officer said and i take his word for it. And the MP of _______ was aware of.
If he ask me to go for job matching,  how about my mother. Firstly in this story,my mother is not being considered. Secondly the officer told me to sell the flat, cos i can’t downgrade if i have a flat.The 3 room flat that was applied for was rejected cos i do not have the money for the 10% to pay so the officer Mr ______ ask me to reject it. Thirdly no one from the HDB ask me to go for seeking job matching assistance or cdc or fsc or anything. In their story my mother does not exist.
I ve approach MP’s from _______, _____________ and ________ with my mother for home and financial help no one came forward to help.And in _____________ in one visit to see MP, there was a HDB officer,he said can help cos this is a special case.But after that no news from him too.
i would like to tell this each and very case is different.They ve to dill every one off them.My sibling never give a helping hand and the MP’s also,The Goverment agencies to never.tell me who else will.
Now my mom and i ve been spilit up.Who is there to see all this.My mom is cring in one place and me in one place.who is there to see all this.
And lastly about the Interim Flat that was given to me cos of Not by CDC or Any Goverment agencies but by the _________ MP who wrote for me. And HDB didn’t do anything but let me suffer.
And i did not reject the Interim flat. The Interim flat that i was in at YUNG KUANG ROAD made me sick ever since i got there. The place was so hot. So i went to the HDB officer to ask for another place.
I went in the month of  June and got it in September. At that time i resigned from the job (pay about $5 an hour for 6 hours a day) due to health reasons as i was like on MC 2 to 3 times a week,and was having financial difficulty (even to pay for the interim rental flat deposit and utilities deposit). I went to HDB personally to tell them this. And the officer there also say that when you get well then come back.
Rina (not her real name)”