By Zephyr Mansor –

Letter to the Editor

I would like to share my experience with HDB which I hope you would share with the other TOC readers.

Last night, I found out that 2/3 of my salary was deducted from my bank account through GIRO. After looking at the bank statement, it showed that HDB had deducted that amount. This morning I went to the HDB branch office to seek clarification. I was told that a letter of notification was sent informing me that the said amount would be deducted and if I objected I should send a reply. I told the officer that I did not receive any letter and hence do not give my approval. She said that in the event of no reply, HDB would go ahead and deduct the amount.

I asked if they tried to contact me by any other means since HDB has my mobile, home numbers and email address, her reply is NO. She went on to say that HDB's main office sends the notification letters which the branch office usually don't know anything about until there's an issue like in my case.

I can reverse the deduction by emailing the main office, explaining why I want my money back which I have. I'm told if they agree I have to wait 2 weeks to get my money back.

I find it very disturbing that HDB only sends ONE letter of notification when it wants to deduct a lot of money from your GIRO account. We all know that ONE letter of notification is enough to cover their asses.

I'm a bit behind in my mortgage payments as I was unemployed for about 10 months last year but am now fully employed with enough money to pay HDB the arrears. Which I plan to at my own terms. But to deduct 2/3 of my salary is blatant disregard for my other financial responsibilities which includes child support. Now I will incur late payment charges for all my other expenses while waiting for them to return my money. I have since cancelled my GIRO with HDB. It's an open invitation for them to take your money.

We all know the Gahmen takes money from its citizens everyday, all the time from ERP, COE, GST, etc. But have them put their hands into my bank account is crossing the line.

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