Lee and Goh accept Chee's offer


Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong have indicated that they will accept my offer of composition of $30,000 to annul my bankruptcy.

I will be working to raise the amount to pay to them as quickly as possible primarily through the sale of my books. I would also like to appeal for donations from supporters to aid the process.

I hope that this settlement with Mr Lee and Mr Goh will mark the end of a chapter of Singapore's politics marred by defamation suits against opposition members. I look forward, as I am sure all Singaporeans do, to a new era where political discourse is dominated by substantive debates on policies and ideas of how to take our country forward.

Singaporeans want, and deserve, a politics that is truly befitting of a First World country. Detention without trial, criminalisation of legitimate political activity and defamation suits have no place in a Singapore that needs to be democratic, confident and forward-looking.

The SDP is committed to working towards a new politics in Singapore and we have shown this by offering coherent and comprehensive policy plans, conducting dignified forums on "sensitive" issues and attracting Singaporeans of intellectual and professional gravitas.

I look forward to being formally cleared of my bankruptcy so that I am eligible to stand in the next general elections in 2016 and lead a party that would rival the PAP as the potential ruling party.

For more information, please visit www.yoursdp.org.

Dr Chee Soon Juan

This entry was posted in Current Affairs, Politics.
This entry was posted in Current Affairs, Politics.

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